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Janine Petty




5ft 11|📍Leeds UK| BA Social Anthropology & MA Social Work|Online TESOL teacher|Reiki M/P, Chakra Balancing Practitioner and Tarot Reader Business Star Spiritual 💫 Life path 8 🌞♉️ Taurus |🌕 Sagittarius ♐️ |💫Libra ♎️ Rising| My own journey began many years ago, in my late teens when I started receiving healing at the spiritualist church. I started receiving messages from spiritual mediums, and I felt very connected to spirit and this part of myself. I was advised this is what I would be doing when I'm older. I just wasn't sure how. I have always picked up on people’s vibes, which I know now is energy. I started reading tarot for friends and family. After extensive travels throughout the world, and after having my son I found reiki in 2007, by accident, but I feel i was guided to find reiki . After studying for a masters and working with vulnerable adults in a stressful job I became ill with an autoimmune condition, developing Graves Disease. While I listened to my intuition i didn’t listen to my souls desire so destiny moved me out of my current situation. Eventually I realised that rather than looking outside of myself for the magic bullet that would bring me out of life lows. I had the power deep within me. It was there all along; I just had to learn to look inside myself. ✨Interests ✨ Backpacking the beautiful earth 🌍 Mental Health Coaching Yoga 🧘🏼 Meditation Tarotreadings Reiki Comedy 🎭 Dance Music Roller skating Walking I’ve travelled the world 🌎 Dog mama 🐕 Goddess Maven with @Southwoodsocialhub Connect with me on Instagram ✨ Reiki Healing by donation - making reiki accessible to all See Eventbrite