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Staci Hall




ONLINE LEADER and LEADER MAKER Helping achievers get better home business results by becoming genuine connectors online. ___________________________________ 👉FOUNDER OF NETWORK MARKETING REHAB - coaching and training for ambitious network marketers wanting to dive deeper and win bigger! 👇👇👇👇 CLUBHOUSE TRAINING SERIES Network Marketing Rehab Club-Weekdays at 10am EST. (Follow the Club to be notified) —————————————————- ⭐️Leader of a Global Network Marketing Team, Spanning 8 Countries 🔹Feat. on Podcasts, Virtual Stages etc. 🔹Speaker & Trainer ⭐️Teacher of Curiosity Marketing and How to Communicate Effectively Online 🔥Expert at teaching how to create simple duplicatable systems, from content creation to onboarding and more. 🔥Sought after to teach how to create incredible team culture and super engaged Facebook groups and chats that focus on genuine connection and inclusiveness. **Routinely teach these strategies to current 6 and 7-figure online leaders. FB Community: The Online Leaders Club ❤️ Mom of 2, a Boy and a Girl 😍 Wife to Greg ➡️ Background in Sales, Customer Support, Film, Hairstyling, Music, and Social Media PROUD to work alongside Ray and Jessica Higdon and the HIGDON GROUP, to help raise a new level of network marketers!❤️ ——————————————- ‘Kick your bad habits to the curb and learn what’s working right now to build your business online! You are worthy of all those dreams in your heart!’❤️ Staci xx Let’s Connect on Instagram 👇👇👇👇