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❤️‍🩹 Owner of a home care and placement assistance agency! DM for details! Looking to hire caregivers in North Austin! Caring for seniors for many decades! 📰 My ‘expert’ input…. 🤓 Download a free senior resource guide and read our latest articles on senior care and aging. 💜 Community Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association! V🌱 Eat more plants! Love helping others get more plants on their plate! Send me a DM for help with meal planning and recipes. 🌱🥗 🌎Climate Healers: 💪🏼 Fighting for animal rights! ✍️ Please endorse the Plant Based Treaty! 📲 Download the app: UnchainedTV Houses: ✳️ Vegan Love Letter ✳️ Planet Earthlings ✳️ Beautiful People and Words ✳️ The Solutionaries Club 🌎 ✳️ Whole Food Plant Based ✳️ Authentically Plant-Based ✳️ 24/7 Vegan Wellness Care ✳️ Eat Like A Vegan Chef 🌱 Check out: 👉@RowdyGirlSanctuary 👉@RancherAdvocacy Program About me: 🇺🇸 🌱 Whole Food, Plant-based Vegan (IF and No SOS) 🗽 Brooklyn, New York Born 🤠 Austin, Texas Living 👰🏻 Happily Married 👶🏻 Mama of 3 🐶 Loving our Fur Baby ⚕️Senior Care Industry 🎤 Event Planner ⚾️ Baseball Mama ✍️ Poetry ✡️ Jewish Girl 🌎 Earth Lover 💫 Volunteer 👀Documentaries you should watch: 🌱 Rowdy Girl ⚕️They’re Trying to Kill Us 🐠Seaspiracy 🐮Cowspiracy 🐷The Last Pig 🐳Blackfish ⚕️What the Health 🍴Forks over Knives 🗓Countdown to Year Zero 🥛Unholy Cattle of India 🐬The Cove 🥲Dominion ⚖️Speciesism 💚101 Reasons to go Vegan 🐄Vegan: Everyday Stories 🏋️‍♂️Game Changers 🙏🏼A Prayer for Compassion 💋Kiss the Ground 🐮Peaceable Kingdom 🥕The Invisible Vegan 🥑Rotten 🧬Human Experiment 🪦Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 🙃 Eating Our Way to Extinction ☮️ A Land of Ahimsa 💻Websites: fakemovement.Com plantbaseddoctor “Progress, Not Perfection” 💭 🙋‍♀️ Looking for like-minded folks! 🥳 💌 [email protected] Always striving to help save the animals and the planet!🐬🦃🌎🐠🐄🌳🐓🐖🌊🦆🐐