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Stephen Smith




Founder / CEO at Onda 🌱 World’s First Certified Biodynamic®️ CBD oil. World’s First Verified Regenerative Hemp Product by Savory Land To Market™️. Exploring therapeutic 🍄 Let’s chat Regenerative Ag, Hemp / Cannabis, Plant Medicine, Herbs, Soil, Grazing, Food Systems, Homesteading and Adventures! Find Onda at Erewhon, New Seasons, New Leaf, Ellwood Thompson’s, Vibrant Market, Rainbow Bridge, Coopportunity, Follow Your Heart and more! Aspiring polymath. Passionate impact entrepreneur working to help folks heal, empower our farmers and support the regeneration of the Earth. Code: CH15 for 15% off Onda at checkout [email protected] 🌱 Our farming video: IG: @iamstephensmith