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Ssanyu Birigwa




“Your Narrative Is Your Medicine” - Pause3™ Indigenous Bone Healer Shaman M.S., in Narrative Medicine Columbia University Creator of the Pause3TM Method and Ignite, The Virtual Group and Dyad Mentoring Program Adjunct Prof. and Lecturer of Spirituality and Heath, Columbia University, Columbia Irving Medical Center Hibiscus Farmer🌺. 🇺🇬 I am a Bone Healer, rooted in indigenous Shamanic medicine of Bone healing and the global work of Narrative Medicine. Committed to an integrative approach to conscious well-being, holistic health and spiritual connectedness through the heart. Let go and let love⚡️⚡️💜 Clinical and scholarly work in the medical humanities specifically in areas of stress and burnout, death and dying, restorative justice, spirituality and healthcare. Co-founder of Narrative Bridge, LLC with @katelynconnor Our mission is to strengthen communication and empower active listening in diverse communities through Narrative Medicine. We work to find remedies for stress and burnout, develop authentic leadership practice, enable restorative justice, engage in staff healing, and promote workplace diversity and equity. Our goal is to develop mindfulness, resilience, creative problem-solving in organizations. What We Do Our firm creates lectures, workshops, support groups, brave spaces and programs for any organization looking to improve their empathetic communication skills in a radical way. Our work demonstrates the power of developing these listening skills in order to reduce stress and burnout and creates psychological safety for both teams and individuals.