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Srini Saripalli




I growth hack people and businesses. Everything else you read below this sentence is a poor translation 😂 7-Figure Speaker, Syndicated Radio Host & Silicon Valley’s Highest Paid Success Coach 🤫 📡 Radio Host | Host of Silicon Valley’s #1 radio show on Personal Development since 2010. 👨‍💼Seminar Leader | Over 600+ seminars and workshops on Personal Development, Entrepreneurship & Career Success. 📈Growth Consultant | Trained over 1000+ startup founders, small business owners on sales funnels, conversion marketing and mindset. 🧗Mountaineer | Currently pursuing Everest 2022 after a near fatal attempt in 2019 ♾ I speak less and listen more on this app. Kindly DM me before you mod me up. 📍SF Bay Area, CA