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William Andrejko




[email protected] Founder of The Cosmic Kitchen music room. Over 10 million cosmic members. “Constantly risking absurdity” Ferlinghetti “The uncontrolled element in life” Mandelbrot “Maybe god made me a musician for people who aren’t born yet.” W.E Andrejko (with help from Van Gogh) Join The Cosmic Kitchen club for my live performances and listening rooms. I’m currently obsessed with modular synthesis and sound design. My goal for the next year is to get a film / video credit for my music. Lets collaborate!!! Ideas? Please LMK Four years without a haircut. 🎼🎹🎧🎤🎸🎷🎼Music enthusiast, curator and creator: electronic, acoustic, ambient, space, jazz, funk, If it’s cool, I dig it. I ’ve produced 100+ house concerts in the SF Bay Area over the past 12 years. I pivoted to zoom during the pandemic and have hosted 30+ shows on that platform. My education is in engineering, business and psychology. I’m a former certified Senior Long Term Care Ombudsman for San Mateo county. I’m happy to help with senior-related issues. 🤔🤯 My mind can be changed when presented with an especially good case and conversation. I like to think about that which I can’t explain. I am easily hypnotized. 😵‍💫 Issues I’m concerned about: Elder abuse, war propaganda, militarization of local police forces, UAP, access to clean water, healthcare and education are the tip of the melting iceberg…