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✊🏾Motivate. Inspire. Transform✊🏾 Sponsorship Specialist Activation Guru Engagement Alchemist Digital Diva & SHE-EO SponsorCentric Approaches #AskMe Trained DE& I Professional 👉🏾Focused on creating Diverse Equitable & Inclusive (D.E&I) spaces for Black Women 👈🏾 66780 Let’s collaborate/connect: Join My Club: 👇🏾 ♣️🏡 ✳️ BLACK & SEXY: SPONSORSHIP for Today’s Black Entrepreneur ♣️🏡CLUBS I MODERATE♣️ ✳️Women In Business ✳️ When Black Girls Find Joy ✳️R&B: Rhythm & Breakfast ✳️ Free Thought ✳️ 🐝 Beyhive 🐝 My intention on ♣️🏡 To effectuate EFFECTIVE LISTENING for the purposes of fostering understanding NOT just to RESPOND! Psychology of Sponsorship identifying Specific Buying Behaviors I am committed to (and passionate AF) around Economic Empowerment & Equal pay for Black Women in Sponsorship & Brand Partnerships Change Agent for the intersectionality of Gender Race & Economic Power Diversity Inclusion & Equality with brand partnerships 👉🏾😳Back in CH jail🙄👈🏾 🥇Tri-State Makes Me Great🥇 #HBCU Made #LincolnU Alum 📍201 for me fam 🎼 🎹R&B till the DEATH of me 🎼🎹 OFF DUTY 🐝Hive 💅🏾UNAPOLOGETICALLY Creating SAFE spaces for Black Women 💅🏾 ✊🏾Black Lives ALWAYS Matter✊🏾 🙏🏾 I AM MY ANCESTORS WILDEST DREAM🙏🏾 Paradigm shifter & Change Agent 🎯 I love Helping you the (authors creatives speakers coaches & event producers) 🎯 to curate sponsorship campaigns that are effective & funded 💕Join my group: 💕 My super power is collaborating with you get 💰rich in your audience niche! 💜. #GETRICHINYOURNICHE. 💟 I help you navigate these sponsorship streets strategically! 💟Understanding YOUR target audience is the key to sponsorship! Optimize event assets for sponsorship success #AskMeHow 💟You want brand deals & sponsors? Figure out how YOU are an ASSET to helping sponsors increase sales! 💥BOOM💥 💕#BlackGirlBailOut💕 #Periodttt. Wine 🍷 luva. 🏙 Real Estate Enthusiast 🌃 🎼 90’s R&B addict 🎼 🎟Let’s stay connected on IG. DM’s via IG only are open 👀 Look out for new content! 📮 👇🏾✅COMING SOON:✅👇🏾 for 2021 sponsorship resources #Sponsorship. #AskMeHow. Tips are greatly appreciated 💖 ✅ 💰PayPal.Me/SermonInstitute ✅ 💵 CashApp $KathySermon ✅