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Jeffrey Reed




I made real side hustle money. Can I share how to do it? The reality? An income that comes in whether you work on your side hustle or not, to get that income, is a game changer. It’s working smarter, not harder! To say that the dollars I made over 10+ years from my most successful side hustle (to date) surprised me is an understatement. Especially since it was derived from just making a few referrals! This experience altered my business trajectory and my life. My profession had been working for the legal field similar to what was featured in the 1997 movie starring Matt Damon, called; The Rainmaker. I made personal documentaries to show the suffering of victims, such as their modified lifestyle after an injury. And these cases often ended up in court. During that period, I had a great experience with an I.T. solutions provider who was servicing law firms. Knowing that I had solid relationships with partners in local firms, I asked this business owner if he would pay me a percentage of the profits for referring new business to him. He agreed. Based solely on my recommendation, several firms went with this service provider. And, clearly, they were looking after my clients, or my income would have dried up. The result? I was receiving a monthly check for very little work! Now, that is just one example of a side hustle that pays what is known as residual income. And it was life altering for my family. Like many businesses, my income went up & down because there wasn’t always a need for what I did. It was Feast or Famine! Having monthly residual income from my side hustle increased my yearly net & evened out the peaks & valleys of the businesses operated, saving the bacon more than once! This impacted me so much that I began focusing on residual income & teaching others to follow in my footsteps. I look forward to sharing with you the secret of this, just so you have an option to have more money in your life. To complete the picture: I am a father, a musician (drums) and bilingual (fluent in spanish). I am also a martial artist and a vegan, as well as into zen meditation and nature walks.