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Jessica Goldberg Turitz




Blending infinite magic, intuitively: ✨Akashic Records, 🧠Neurolinguistic Programming, 🧬Time Line Therapy®, 🔥Holy Fire Reiki, 🕊Intuitive Healing, 🙌Quantum Touch, 🔮Psychic Mediumship, 🙊Channeling, 🧚Spirit Guide Communication, 🧘Chakra Balancing, 🫶Energy Readings, and whatever arises in the moment. I help coaches, healers, and heart-centered changemakers clarify your deepest desires, clear the unconscious patterns that are preventing you from living wholeheartedly from your gifts, and create the abundant, connected life you are here to live. I tend to forget about social media 🤷‍♀️ but message me any time! 💌 Find me at