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Joshua Beeney




💫Dimensional Healer, Soul Breather, Hyper-Gamma Operator, Truth Speaker, Source Connector, Conscious Manifestor, Coherence Facilitator, Kundalini Activator, Lover, Shadow Harmonizer, Light Warrior, Galactic Citizen, Sol Ambassador💫 🌀Reiki II, Biofield Therapeutics, Acoustic Vibration Therapy, Quantum Scalar Projection, Polarity Work, Crystalline Grid Programming, Harmonic Activations🌀 Living the life I love! Loving the life I live! 🎭IMDb - joshuabeeney🎭 📚Author in process📚 🙏🏼“Rather than praying for something, become the prayer”🙏🏼 ♎️sun, pluto & mercury ♌️asc ♈️moon & jupiter ⚡️Lyran / Arcturian / Sirian / Pleiadian / Human - Soul Frequency⚡️ 🌀Enneagram 9 sub 7🌀 ✨INFP-A / Assertive Mediator✨ 🔥 White Lunar Mirror - kin 158🔥