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✳️ Graduated with an MBA at 22 and built businesses that create happiness on the daily. Want some? ⇩ ⚡️ Master Marketer • Creator 📈 Business Development Consultant ⭐️ Founder of Spiffy Entertainment - responsible for over 200 massive events that bring young people together to have the time of their lives ⭐️ Founder of Newport Nightlife - the premier nightlife media outlet of Newport, Rhode Island If one of my IG videos doesn’t make you smile, idk what will 😆 (linked below) I can talk for days about anything, but here’s a few topics: • Instagram Marketing • Small Business Growth • Facebook Ads • Sales (B2C & B2B) • Mindset & Motivation • Building Influence • Personal Branding • Video Content Creation • Event Production Your impact = your income Here to empower and grow 🚀 🇬🇭