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Maggie Spicer




Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Fund Advisor who’s passionate about bathrooms & customer experiences being on-brand👌🏼 🚩SF + CPH CURRENT ☎️ Partner + COO @DAFcapital: Helping family offices + investors engage philanthropic venture investment in social and environmental entrepreneurship 🍽 Founder + Fund Advisor @86fund: Aiding SF Bay Area restaurants impacted by the pandemic via nonrecoverable grants via tax-deductible gifts (incl stock + crypto) ⚡️Founder + COO/CCO of Strategy + Kinesthetic Experience Design Agency @WHISK. Trusted by Airbnb, Twitch, Salesforce, Medium, Square, IDEO, First Round (@whisk.sf) 📄 Board member @18reasons 🎙Club Host: The Power of the DAF; Tableside ☕️ Contributor @driftmag + Guest Exec Editor for SF Bay Area issues FORMER 🍤 Co-Founder, COO: @eatbenne @douglasonsanchez Into: boxing, road cycling, polar plunges, Japanese tea, nettles