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Mia Laudato




She/Her/Hers ❤️Passionate about all things Inclusion |Accessibility |Equity |Social Justice |Edtech- Especially UDL, Assistive Tech, AAC & more. Love Acting 🎭 but not "drama"😉 Mama, Kayaker, Saxophonist, Corny Joker with a love of chocolate, travel and laughter🤣 Yes AND... 🍎Education Junkie ✅Professional/Organizational Leadership Developer 🗣 Speaker & Storyteller 📻 Former Radio News Director/AM talk show host 👩‍🚀 OG Host of Astronaut Encounter/ KSC-VC- working with Astronauts was "out of this world" 🏀 Special Olympics Supporter and Former Coach 🏆 OCPS TOY Finalist 2016 Find me on twitter @SpedTechMia and let's connect!