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🔥Sensemaker | Strategist | Sparkafire 💬 Convener | Dot Connector | Activator 🏆 Award Winning Creative Director & Broadcast Producer 🔥Founder, Sparkafire Strategies 💡Sensemaker I make the complex simple, relatable and easy to understand. I help people understand 🤷‍♀️ why they should care about your work, adopt your mission or use your products, services or apps. 🧭Strategist I am an Empath in business with proven methodologies for helping you get to ❤️the heart of your brand promise, your impact deliverables and your path to conversions. 🔥Sparkafire Are you tired of spending multiple thousands on strategic, comprehensive and brand plans that just sit on a shelf? I am an 💥 Activator 💥who employs lean startup principles to get you out of the starting blocks and into action. ————- Dot Connector Specialist in bringing together diverse creative teams to serve clients quickly, efficiently and effectively. DM me if you’d like to explore collaborations. ————- Keywords for Clubhouse: Marketing | Messaging | Motivation | Creativity |Consulting | Sensemaking | Sustainability | Branding | Copywriting | SEO | Top of Funnel Content | Public Relations | Design Thinking | Customer Journey | Consensus Building | Collabs Please Note: Never was a big adopter of social media for my own personal use (until now since I think Clubhouse really has it right). So please don’t judge me when you find that my Twitter and IG feeds are sparse. I’ve managed Social Media for many clients and understand how to strategically put it to work for achieving business goals. As for me: Use IG to DM me @sparkafirestrat (link below) or check me out on LI 💫🤟🏻💓🐶🧘🥰🧠🧚‍♂️🙋‍♀️👗🩴👠🧳♣️ NOW FOR THE FUN STUFF Personal Passions: 🐶 Cavalier King Charles 🧘‍♀️Meditation Jane Ramsey SoulArt Vinyl Records Singer Songwriters 🖋Language | Reading | Writing Humor Learning | Connecting | Growing ⚙️ Rotary International 🕊Agape International Spiritual Center ♣️🏠Clubhouse Personal Mission: I am here to be a beneficial presence on the planet – by just being the REAL Tricia and by adding a little levity. Pet Peeves: Writing my own bio.