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Meches Rosales-Maupin




Spanish with Meches I’m a latina nanny, helping you to raise your bilingual kids through story time. (En-Sp) 📚 Something about me 🔸I am from Guatemala 🇬🇹 🔸 Happy married 🔸I have been passionate about working with children since my early teen years. 🔸In my early 20s I was an au pair in both France and Ireland. 🔸I studied education at Mesoamerican University in Guatemala 🔸I have been living in New York City for the past 18 years. 🔸I became a professional nanny entirely by accident, but it has been the most marvelous thing that ever happened to me. 🔸Happy artist for @pincrafts 🔸Women’s Rigths activist 🔸I am very enthusiastic about the rights of domestic workers. Follow me on all the social media