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Reidun W Lauritzen




❤️ WE ARE LOVE 💫 WE ARE ONE 🍃 WE ARE NATURE #reconnection #regeneration #resilience MY SUNDAY WONDER RECIPE FOR A NEW WORLD 1. Protect 40% of wetlands 2. Protect 40% of oceans 3. Protect our forests 4. Build communities from regenerative food production 5. Start measuring well-being instead of GDP 6. Start looking at our system as a whole, using the doughnut as a visual tool to understand where we are now 7. Start teaching regeneration and systems thinking in kindergardens, schools, universities, companies, and public organizations 8. Let our economy be guided by two principles; well-being for all and only take out from an ecosystem what it can regenerate or sustainably replenish by itself 9. Rewild our cities 10. Get the poop into the loop AXIOMS: * We are nature * Nature is fundamentally brilliant, collaborative and self-organizing * Self-sufficient communities (food, energy, water) are the most resilient, sustainable, health- and life-affirming building blocks of a society * Questions are more important than answers * Learning is both the by-product and the fuel in a system that continuously change, the flow state of evolution * When we set the children free, they will walk us into the future Mother Earth is abundance WE ARE ALL NATIVE TO THIS PLANET 💫 FUTURE FLOATING CITY 💦 Single mum of two beautiful souls radiating their essence of stardust. Explorer. Adventurer. Wilderness lover. Photographer. Writer. Systems thinker. MD. HD profile 5/1. @SOULSIDE REGENERATIVE ART Photography and poetry on Instagram and Facebook