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Sindy Casanova




I am from South West Sydney Australia 🖤. 💛. ❤️. Dharawal Land “Id like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land on which I live, They are the Dharawal people, I would like to pay my respects to Elders past and present and emerging.” 💛 I am the daughter of 2 amazing parents who moved to Australia from their motherland of Uruguay, South America leaving behind all family and the only life they knew in search for a better life after marrying and for their future children. 💛I am a creative soul on a journey of self discovery. I am open & ready for the adventures coming my way. ——————————————————— 🌟Certified Level Il Reiki Practitioner ——————————————————— 🌟Certificate 1 in Sound Healing ——————————————————— 💜 You can also follow me on my other two Instagram pages, for all things Reiki meditation and sound healing head on over to @kindred_rejunenation_ and if you are interested in following my LDR journey head on over to @sin_n_te Podcasts 🎙️ - Kindred Connections 🎙️ - Sin N Te 🌟 Evermindful Club co-founder ⭐️ Moderator & Co-Host 💜Simply Mindful Simply Speaking Rooms 🔮Codes and Cards 🔮Tuesday Book Club 📚 🔮Simply IC Clearly (inner child room) 🔮Simply Chilled Songs & Sound Healing 🔮Simply Rumi #balibliss #evermindful #soundhealing Evermindful Mod Squad ♥️Lois 💜Sindy 💛Alma 💚Justina 🧡Michelle 💜 Meditation Lover🧘🏻‍♀️ 💜 Obsessed with colouring in therapy 💜 Creator 💜 Artist of my beautiful life 💜 Oracle and Angel Card Novice 💜 Practicing Gratitude 💜 Hobbies: I am a people watcher. ❣Non Human animals are here with us and NOT here for us to eat, exploit and abuse. 💜lover of the divine feminine & divine masculine energy working in harmony ⭐️ Let’s make Authentic Connections⭐️ 🧚‍♀️My dream is to create a space and place for mindful men and women to meet, connect, encourage and be empowered through meditation, manifestation, conversation, music and sound healing. PayPal: [email protected] Loving this platform. Let’s connect and chat. Direct messages always welcome for respectful conversation and connections 🙏