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Sophia Ruffin




Preacha| Author| Founder of Company of Copacetic Leaders & CBK Prep School | Founder of Ready Writer Connection | Youtuber & | Friend Here’s a few Deets you should know: ❤️I looooooooove GOD ! 👩🏾‍💻Wrote my way out of poverty. ✌🏾 Quit my 9-5 & created wealth! 💰Created multiple six figure programs! 👒 Launched my Fedora Line! 📚Published author! 6 books 7 ebooks! 🤚🏾Wait hold 🆙 ... I have a powerful testimony of deliverance. Check out my story on my YouTube Channel: Sophia Ruffin👈🏾 ✅ out my websites Check out my Fedora’s |