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Sonya Boone




I HELP lower the statistical numbers of DEATH’S before, during and after CHILDBIRTH for BLACK and BROWN WOMEN. 💥💥💥What is a DOULA?💥💥💥 “A WOMAN who SERVES”—providing EMOTIONAL/ PHYSICAL/ SPIRITUAL/INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT. —DOULAS DO NOT DO ANYTHING MEDICAL!!! 💥💥 DOULA ✨🤰🏿🤱🏿Certified Full Spectrum Doula - Childbirth Educator - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor - Sexual & Reproduction Health Counselor 💥🫄🏿👩🏿‍🍼Certified UZAZI Village Full Spectrum Doula Trainer ✨⚰️Certified Diaspora End of Life Doula ☀️CHW- Community Health Worker 🌟Licensed Massage Therapist ✨👩🏿‍🦱Natural Hair Care Stylist (Master Loctician/Over 30yrs experience). 💥Serial Creative 🤗Serial Supporter 🤰🏿🤱🏿Community/Private Doula Ifa - 🧿risha Initiate 🌷Sacred Woman 🌻Holistic Medicine Woman 💫TRUTH Seeker n Speaker 💰Cash App: $AmoreUrSelf Email: [email protected]