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Lockhart 87




⛔️If choose to follow me and I accept, please do not sell me any products. I’m only here to make friends. Please do not backchannel me with sales pitches to sell a service or a product. Thank you! Joined clubhouse to have intellectual 🧠 and funny 😂 conversations. Open to friendships and dating with a purpose. 😇 Humble enough to learn from people and willing to share the many lessons I’ve have learned as an individual so far. 😉👍🇺🇸 Location: St. Louis, Missouri ✅ Sun Sign: Aquarius ✅ Personality Type: ESFJ ✅ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (women only) ✅ ⛔️If I find your club room chat’s too chaotic and/or disrespectful, I will not follow your club. ⛔️If your the room creator and/or moderator(green been) and I find that you don’t treat people equally within your room I will disconnect from your club and possibly block you. This has happened already at least once as I am not joking…(Clubhouse is truly not a safe space and I will only go respectfully where I am celebrated.) ⛔️If you are too chaotic and/or disrespectful I will also NOT follow you either.