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Sonaar Luthra




💧Water Canary CEO 🐥 | 🌱Senior TED Fellow, RAND non-resident fellow, Council on Strategic Risks Ecological Security Fellow 🦦 | ☀️LA-based, Minnesota-born, 1st generation, Punjabi, dog whisperer 🐶 | 🐅 Obsessed with William Blake and the Mahabharata🏹 🌏 I forecast water and climate change risks, drawing on a deep understanding of how essential models, institutions and markets are struggling to adapt to rapid transformations in our planet’s water cycle. ☔️ 💦🧼🛀 I run the Water Brigade club, please join us! 🚽🌊💧 📡 Remote sensing 🧪 Water monitoring ⌨️ Environmental Data 🌪 Early Warning Systems 🏦 Water Finance 🔮 Media/Systems Theory 📰 Former Journalist & Educator 📚 🌀Late night PTRtist / AKA BatteryDaddy🔋 Ask and I’ll entertain you