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Patrice Elizabeth




My to-do lists these days are in service of: 🛠 Co-designing + building the Ella Baker Institute, where education means young people lead and develop their own communities 🏔Creating the conditions for organizations + leaders to thrive + center humanity + wellness in all they do 🔮 Building out the SōlWorks Collective where divination arts are the pathway to cultivating community, healing, + self-mastery A creative, I’m passionate about facilitating individual + organizational transformation💎 Thought partnership is my jam🧠 Psychological safety is my soapbox🗣 Leadership development + supporting humans (especially young people) in Being their best + highest Selves brings me joy💛 WildWoman 🐺 Mama of two 💞 Forever Brooklyn girl🌇 Music Lover 🎶 Educator📚 PhDer ✍🏾 Entrepreneur💡Board member x4 🏫 Obatala initiate 🕊 Perpetual student of astrology☀️+ Master of Tarot✨ Budding artist 🎨 Seer 👁 Light-bearer💫 Servant leader🌿 $FentonCollective