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I give first and ask later... 🚀 Multi-Millionaire to Broke then back again after making $1.5M from a $4M Joint Venture Deal in just 30 days going from Zero to 4.2 Million customers! 🏆#1 Joint Venture Expert, Introducer, Dealmaker, Investor, Speaker, Mentor, Luxury Watch Collector. 🎙Founder of ‘The Pitch Club’ (77k+ members) and original host of ‘THE PITCH ROOM’ every Sunday at 12pm EST only on Clubhouse to pitch your startup LIVE to a panel of VCs & Angel Investors! Co-Author of the #1 Bestselling book Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures - with Jay Levinson. DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY BELOW: ➡️ Join my FREE Joint Venture Group BELOW: ➡️ 🔥Forbes and Entrepreneur Expert Contributor🔥 🚀 Sold my last business in 2017 for 8 FIGURES semi-retired and GIVING BACK! Submit your PITCH online to 5,000+ Investors: ➡️ Available for podcast interviews just DM me!