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Stephanie Nemeth-Parker




🎙Voice-actor, 🎙📚Award-winning Audiobook Narrator ⭐️ SAG-AFTRA Actor • 2nd gen Cubana 🌎 🇺🇸🇨🇭(🇩🇪) ⭐️Winner - Best Thriller Audiobook 2021 - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards ⭐️Winner - Best Romance Suspense Audiobook - Sultry Listener Awards 2021 ⭐️2x Finalist - 2021 Independent Audiobook Awards - LitRPG and Thriller\Suspense Narration⭐️ 🌟Looking for US representation 🌟 I’ve done voiceovers for 🎙Omega watches 🎙Audi 🎙IKEA 🎙UBS 🎙SWISS Airlines 🎙Novartis 🎙Art Basel 🎙Sensai I have a home studio with a Rode-NT1 mic, Apollo Solo interface, and I work on Adobe Audition. I narrate audiobooks live in AUDIOBOOKS club and the Audiobook Studio club and on DISCORD: THE HAVEN-Romance Audiobooks narrated live The Narrator Nook - All types of Audiobooks live narrated