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Sarah E Murray




Messaging Expert | Storyteller | Mushroom Medicine Healer| Anthropologist I earn my keep as a trial and jury consultant at Trialcraft, expert in persuasive communication. | I spent my time dedicated to bridging social & cultural divides and healing the social body. | Hypnotherapist, mushroom medicine healer and shamanic practitioner, Daoist and qi gong student | Cook and nurturer - I am Sarah the Sauce Queen and the boss of the sauce - don't you doubt it! | Community builder; social enzyme; court jester. Allergic to groups and yet dedicated to living in community. | Bridge between the intimate and the infinite. You can find me pursuing my passions as part of the moderating teams at the Eleven Three Newsroom and at Wisdom Emerging (W.E.) and the Dao Club. I'm stepping into podcasting, interested in creating a podcast on building community and looking for collaborators. It takes a community to talk about community! Email me at [email protected] or, if you need strategy advice and support in litigation and other situations of conflict, [email protected] - or connect on Linked In. I'm waiting to hear from you.