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Auntie Patrice




🧚🏽‍♀️MAGICAL AUNTIE PATRICE🧚🏽 💧I am eternal. My vessel holds Ageless Accumulation of Antiquity, just like the waters. An all-knowing, Ever-Evolving ponderment accompanied by imagined incitements of intricate invocations. 💧Metamorphical, Majestical, Melanated. in the flesh. My waters flow into Rivers Beyond. 💧My journey is one of enchantment and endless discoveries, I am the etherial waters in the depths of your eternal being. 💧My waters are still and quiet yet stern and vast, gentle in my approach- i allow. I will nourish generations of past, present and forevermore with a frequency once never found. 💧My waters allow mankind and all that is to feel a true vibration of love ever-abound, abide in my waters- these are the treasures of the inevitable, evolutionary, intricated by desighn timeless, ageless wonderment of the soul. 💧i have come that you may know love in its truest form, my love has no conditions- in a world created conditionally, we break free of restraint. 💧i present to you my eternal waters, from the depths of my being... and in common unity, we will be one with the consumation of the water, A forever covenant- never to be broken. #ItIsSo # takenotThygift #WaizWithWerds #WerdSmith #MagicalAuntiePatrice #SMITHglobalAlways #DrinkYourWaters #LoveUnconditioned. Asé Amen Namaste 🙏🏽 💋💨🦋 #LovedAlwaysAuntiePatrice #takenotThygift 👐🏿#SignedBlackButterfly 👐🏿 #takenotThygift💝