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friends (PLEASE DO GO THROUGH MY BIO AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY OF MY SERVICES) ( IF YOU TRULY WANT TO BECOME GREAT, IGNORE THE INSULTS AND BULLIES, FOCUS ON THE BIGGER AIM, AND YOU WILL CONQUER THE WORLD) If you or anyone you know needs online tutoring for any of the 15 subjects below then please do let me know: 1) IELTS, 2) TOEFL, 3) PTE 4) PET 5) A AND AS, 6) ENGLISH AS A COMPLETE LANGUAGE 7) SPOKEN ENGLISH 8) PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT COURSE 9) LIFE COACH 10) CAREER COACH 11) HINDI 12) MARATHI 13) TELUGU 14) SOCIAL SCIENCE 15) MA ENGLISH MCA, DCA, DISM, CPISM, this is her qualification, She is the founder of SPRISM SOLUTIONS and SHUCHI SHOPPING ZONE, is a 5 times world record holder, a Solo_Entrepreneur, and she offers 15 different services, that lets her help herself to learn, earn and grow physically, soulfully and mentally, and also people across the globe. Here is a list of her services: 1) Blogger 2) Competition Enthusiast 3) Edu_Preneur 4) Entrepreneur 5) Graphic Designer 6) Info_Preneur 7) Motivational Speaker 8) Podcaster 9) Photographer 10) SMI( Social Media Influencer) 11) Solo_Masterblaster 12) Translator 13) Transcriber 14) Vlogger 15) Writer 16) Project head of 2 publications 17) Compiler If you would like to know about any of her services, or need coaching to do the same, please Direct Message her, and she charges only 15 dollars for 1 hour of her time, and also tries her best to be flexible with her rates with the people who can't afford it. S_SMART AND ALWAYS SMILING M_MANNERLY I_ INTELLIGENT T_ TALENTED A_ AMBITIOUS that's what her name stands for. Her name means smile, she likes to spread smile, be enthusiastic and happy always! She believes in Squeezing the positivity of every negative experience, because she believes that every negative experience has a lesson behind it, She practices empathy, self love everyday by talking to herself and asking right questions! ( My publications link) ( Subscribe to my publications at less than 10 USD per month, and get to know, people, places, food, culture better and improve your relationships, business, travel etc much better.)