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Infinitely Infinite Infinite Life by Design Owner of Infinite Life Solutions LLC Founder of Empowering Women for Kingdom Destiny Int. I believe that healing begins with returning to our Authentic Self. It all begins within. The God within you is the complete you. As we come to discover our true identity by healing the limiting belief systems, faulty perceptions and self-rejection formed as a result of painful or traumatic experiences, we are then transformed. It is transforming the mind individually that transforms the world collectively, as we discover our true God self. With my expertise I guide others on this journey to wholeness and identity awareness. In this process many find rewarding relationships, start new businesses, experience improved health, strengthening of intuition/inner voice and the life they have always desired but never thought possible. As a certified inner-healer and Prophetic Life Coach, my clients experience both emotional and physical healing through various healing modalities. My life-changing outcomes are the result of life-long study, learning and priceless experiences resulting in a wealth of wisdom, gifting and insight. For a complimentary 30 minute session, contact me by sending me a message. ⚡️Certified Inner Healer 🧠Neurolinguistic Practitioner 👐Certified Prophetic Life Coach 👩‍👦‍👦Former Preschool Teacher 👘Ordained 📚Bachelors of Theology 🙏Intercessor We are the change agents. We are one.