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Sloan Reid




Enneagram, Self-Awareness and Confidence Coach I help women to get to know, like and trust themselves… ✨ The GLOW Movement ✨ ________________________________________ Empowering leaders to gain a better sense of self awareness and embrace their true identity ✨ I help YOU connect with your true identity and true self so that you can ... ✨ build authentic and unshakable CONFIDENCE ✨ have genuine CONNECTIONS and relationships ✨ understand your WORTH so you can thrive ✨ gain impeccable SELF-AWARENESS tools ✨ have a clear map for personal GROWTH Each COACHING PACKAGE is customized for YOU!!! ✨ ENNEAGRAM TYPING SESSION ✨ IN- DEPTH ENNEAGRAM COACHING PKG (for individuals or couples) ✨ TRANSFORMATION COACHING PROGRAM ✨✨✨ BOOK YOUR COACHING SESSION >>> ________________________________________ Be the light you want to see in the world . . . ✨ Self-Worth Advocate ✨ Strength Finder ✨ Servant Leader I believe . . . ✨ you are enough ✨ your voice matters ✨ you have an incredible purpose ✨ you are worthy of achieving your dreams ✨ you deserve to have someone in your corner who invests, uplifts and validates you ... and I can help you believe it too!!! I have a strong passion for helping others discover their true identity through a great sense of self worth and a deep understanding of their values!!! Let’s work together and get to know YOU! ________________________________________ GLOW Together Foundation, Inc. | Nonprofit ✨ Spark Change Ambassadors ✨ GLOW Together Gala and Awards ✨ Spark Change Initiative Scholarship ✨Our Mission✨ We are dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and investing in current and future leaders with the GLOW Together Awards, Spark Change Initiative Scholarship, and with our team of Spark Change Ambassadors. Our ambassadors believe that when we combine the power of our individual sparks, we can illuminate the world one initiative at a time. AWARENESS ✨ SERVICE ✨ FUNDRAISING ✨Join our team of Spark Change Ambassadors... ✨ ________________________________________ ✳️ The GLOW Movement every Thursday at 12:30pm EST ✳️ Share the Stage and Grow Wednesdays at 8:30am EST + BOOK CLUB on Sundays at 8:30pm EST Click the 🔔 and ✨ to find me on CH.