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Clubhouse is spiritual 🔮 How amazing is it that we are meeting here? ✨ 🗓UPCOMING CH EVENTS: Clubs ♣️: We Have Dreams Dammit! Positive Death Talk ➡️ Sundays at 11am (PST) WE HAVE DREAMS DAMMIT ♣️ 🌱🪨🌊💥😌😩😖🙂 “The Alchemist” Obstacles on the path to our dreams are like rocks 🪨in a river 🌊that seeds bang up against, or it’s the 🔥 that cracks open the seed’s outer shell. Our true purpose is revealed when we are cracked open. ➡️ Tuesdays at 6pm (PST) 🕯⚰️✨🔮🦋 POSITIVE DEATH TALK ♣️ “Open Death Share” Holding space for those who wish to share their experiences with death & dying. 🎙😜 Podcast Discussing the deeper experiences when following our dreams 💀🕯 Normalizing talking about death & dying 🎥 😎 A feature film series by me featuring artists and other interesting souls 📽🎞 An annual film festival celebrating agriculture and art worldwide - screenings are outdoors at farms, ranches & wineries in Northern California in September ⛅️☕️ A membership website for creative entrepreneurs with 24/7 access to a library of social media & tech video tutorials & downloads and membership to a private Facebook Group I worked at Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks & at Warner Bros. Studio. I loved my time at film studios but my dreams were calling! I am a filmmaker of the documentary series, Soul Providers - a series that looks deeper into the souls of artists, farmers and other interesting characters. I also am partners with a music producer/songwriter (Bieber, John Legend, Demi Lovato) so the 🎼 music industry is part of my life as well. While jammin’ out in Los Angeles, I experienced profound & traumatic personal loss (lots of loss in a concentrated period of time, my closest friend was killed and my brother died unexpectedly.) 🌞Sagittarius ♐️ 🌚 Aries ♈️ 🌅 Libra ♎️ 📍Geneva, Switzerland 📍 Scottsdale, Arizona 📍 San Francisco 📍 Los Angeles Let’s connect! 🔹 Hero’s Journey 🔹 Alchemy 🔹 Return with the Elixir🧪 🔹 Filmmaking 🔹 Storytelling 🔹 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 🔹 Free Hugs in Hollywood🤗 🔹 Soul Providers 🔹 Joseph Campbell 🔹 Carl Jung 🔹 Mythology 🦁 🔹 Life after death🦋 🔹 Discussing “meaning” is my jam 🔹 Talking about death & dying ⚰️ 🔹 The artist’s inner journey 🎨 🔹 I talk to trees 🌳 🔹 I talk to the moon 🌝 🔹 I talk to fellow spirit travelers 🧳