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Abel Horwitz




Do you like dating shows? Do you like mystery games? Do you like Halloween? Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Check out “The Dating Game” meets “SAW”: 💔Serial Killer Speed Dating💀 One dater, five date-ees, one “killer” hidden in the mix. Think: Addams Family, not Manson Family 👋Apply at: To be on our CH stage👋 We ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈 We 🖤 horror films We do not condone violence in any way Watch me on “Weakest Link” (2020) S1E5 “Bye, Bye, Bye”! 👋 🎉 Inaugural Clubhouse Creator First Pilot Program alumni! 🎉 👋 🖤 Personally taken, but I’m CH’s Haunted Cupid 💘 📍 Los Angeles Personal IG: @abelhorwitz