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Cheryl Eastwood




🇺🇸Want more travel in 2021! 🏔🐻❄️Lived in ALASKA 2012-2016. She/Her 📚Love Non-fiction I’ve got tons of Alaska travel recommendations for visiting(hint: doesn’t include a cruise ship) Have lived in Tehran🇮🇷, Paris🇫🇷, and Madrid 🇪🇸 Currently in Dallas, Texas USA 🤠 ✅ICE HOCKEY#GoStars✅ 🌱🌱🌽🍎🥕Vegan/whole food plant based adventurous eater 🥑🍌🥒🌶🍆🫑🍉🫐 💉Currently a volunteer at a mass COVID-19 vaccination center at Texas Motor Speedway where we recently vaccinated 12,134 clients in one day 😁Thrilled beyond belief that Trump is no longer the US President ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿Ready to work towards race injustice and inequality. 📺Love Bravo TV(RHONYC, RHOC are favs), I watch(cringe) Sister Wives and Bachelor(again, cringe)