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Matthew Daks




Coffee | Spirit | Service The Java Jedi. Rainbow warrior and coffee geek turned coffee professional, from the fields to the board room and each link of the supply chain between. #NFS (Not For Sale) I began my journey slinging $3 and $4 cappuccinos from behind the bar, and recently negotiated a $1B deal for one of America’s most iconic coffee brands. NJ > NY > OH > CA > RW > KE > CA > ATL Creating a space where my two worlds of Spirit and Coffee coexist and strengthen each other in Service. Published author, convention speaker, activist (🌲 💧 ☕️), board member to multiple organizations in order to serve my community. ☀️ ♐️ 🌙 ♉️ ↗️ ♏️ Connect via IG at the accounts below ⤵️ @thejavajedi - coffee @skadttam - spirit @pacificcoastcoffeeasn - service @coffeeforequity - service bitclout @skadttam