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Kevin Russell




Father. Simulation Innovation Strategist focused on: medical and space applications Personal HRTF EthicalAI Sovereign Identity Privacy AI OS, N. Tesla and Energy conservation, @itp_NYU Isomorphic multi-instrumentalist musician, Gardener, Cook, Tennis coach, Lover of music, art, Gaia, natures beauty, animals and peoples inspiration. VR1.0 designer (VPL Body Electric) 1990 -> The Human Space Program Metaverse Architect Space Medicine and Human Performance NewSpace Business Plan Competition Coach for the longest running Space business competition ( 2012, 2013, 2021, 2022 (x2), … Space-Propulsion/ Energy (ex) investor Climate X Change (NC) representative Providing elder care for my 95 year old Father, while we build original crafted boats, planes and wing in ground effect crafts models. All tips welcome: MetaMask 0x7C213959dE1584A959d0213349FE4be55ad04715 CashApp $simsimphony