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Caroline Simply




Bitcoin ⚡️🧡⚡️🧡⚡️🧡⚡️🧡⚡️🧡 An 🍊💊 a day keeps the fiat away Someday I’ll be a real cypherpunk… Use fold to stack free sats just living: Plebnet 🧡 🧡 Fiat mining while I must: Professor. So yeah, u think u know me. Nurse. I care, but don’t assume I do. History will never ever accurately record at least four significant deaths. Ms Pac-Man is still so fun. First Gen x a few. Now u really think u know me. ❤️ Dogs ❤️ Nature ❤️ Books ❤️ Fires ❤️ Lakes ❤️ Exxxpresso ❤️ Cards ❤️ Bikes ❤️ Ice cream ❤️