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Nishaa Prakash




A storyteller, communication specialist and a conscious designer, producer & consumer of words, language, visual and all kind of interactive content. ✳️ Founder of Club ENTREPRENEUR’S COLLOQUIUM ✳️ Founder of Club LUMINOUS 🛑 Brand & Community | Content | Communications| Design | Tech | Social Media Marketing | Digital Products | Films | Videos | Creativity | Business | Entrepreneurship 🛑 Ancient India | Sanatana Dharma | Art | Philosophy | Feminism | Psychology | UIUX | Stargazing | Wine | Whiskey | Deep Conversations | Culture | Nature | Music | Books 🛑 Founder and Creative Director of Tangerine Creative Lab, a different kind of digital design lab. We experiment with new ideas, technology and content that can impact and change the way we look at the world today. We connect the dots between the product design, brand communications, social connections, and content to help businesses thrive. 🛑 Currently building and beta testing a news and content app designed exclusively for women in English and vernacular language. 🛑 Working with a leading political leader of India, who is collating historical data and material and transforming that information into an archival book, to be inaugurated in the Parliament of India in the first session post COVID. 🛑 Helping multiple brands In crafting brand story and business communication and managing their digital footprint. 🛑 Launched multiple Fintech products for a Sequioa funded company. Helping a few Y-Combinator craft their Brand DNA. 🛑 Helping multiple organisations build campaigns on social platforms to raise funds for COVID-19 initiatives, impacting more than 10 million daily wage earners in India. Would love to connect/ help/ collaborate with you on all things Content, Communication and Design. Connect | Ask Questions | Stay in Touch ⏩ LinkedIn: ⏩Website: