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Simone Akasha Nofel




Applied Epigeneticist 🧬 Bioenergetic Support through Frequency Technology✨ Holistic Health & Life Coach 🧘🏾‍♀️ Environment/Body/Mind/Soul Connection 💫 🌿 Nature-based Worldschooler ✈️ & Roadschooler 🚐 #rvlife 👨‍👩‍👦🐶 💥Frequency of Color: The Feminine Energetics of Freedom 👩🏽👩🏾‍🦱👩🏿‍🦳 Community Healing and Empowerment (DM to learn more)💥 We provide free offerings and curated services for whole family holistic wellness. We assess lifestyle habits and guide you through modifying areas when necessary. Specializing in: -Ecopsychology -Childhood Holistic Development -Conscious Parenting -Ancestral Trauma Healing 📚 Published Author, Children’s Books “Exploring the Elements” Series Book 1: Air 🌬 Book 2: Fire 🔥 Book 3: Water 💧 Book 4: Earth 🌱 Book 5: Ether ✨, available on Amazon! 📝 Published Research: 🍄 Fungi Transplanting for Soil Health 🌳 Gamification for Nature Connection 🌝 The Perception of Lunar Effects on Human Biology and Behavior 🙌🏾Holistic Health Revolutionary - holding a higher standard for the human species and what it means to be healthy, happy, and whole! 💫Currently Offering 1:1 Health Empowerment Sessions and Self-Publishing Coaching. DM for more info! Or email [email protected] to schedule a FREE 30-min Connection Call 💻 🧠Evolving Emotions 8-Week Course for teens & young adults! Emotional Intelligence and Community! Educational IG: @heartyandfree Website: Personal IG: @simone.nofel Adventure IG: @ways.of.the.wildlings 🎓B.S. Psychology @ University of Central Florida 🎓M.Ed. Applied Behavior Analysis @ University of Cincinnati 🤓Preventative Health & Applied Epigenetics 🤓Trauma-informed Ecopsychology ❇️Co-Founder of the Frequency Effect House ! ❇️Moderator in the Kids EQ & Growth Mindset club - Join us Sundays at 1pm EST!