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Simone Medley




Moderator For the DAILY GRATITUDE CLUB 🌏 Gratitude is the new attitude #child abuse # Narcissistic abuse# anxiety, #depression#Toxic people and work places Stop these people their dangerous and not powerful. Let me weave the way to help you!!! My vibration matched who you are I pick up on energy as its everything , level 2 and 3 in child care in early years working with children foundation degree level 4 and 5, LEVEL 6 IN BA HONS in education. I have experience with autistic children and early years . I have found an awakening within as I have encountered lower vibrational beings and try to eliminate their negative vibes and try to protray a positive vibe. I have a website πŸ•Έ about healing. I do not consent to any recordings. I have a book I would like to come to fruition so if you would like to go fund me I would so appreciate it πŸ™ this will empower people eventually turning my pain into power