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Clubhouse Sweetheart 😇 One Link for All Your Business 👉 Hosted the first NFT Music Conference Founder of The 808 Wave 🐝Computer Science Undergraduate at Georgia Tech 🇺🇸🇮🇳 📀Former Assistant to Kato on the Track 🌃Chicago Born ☀️ATL 🥳We’re bringing the music industry together to create a united and positive community to educate and inspire each other towards our aspirations, success, and happiness Join our Community👇 Goals 🎯Create the Middle-Class of the Music Industry 🎯Increase Happiness and Success for Billions of People Around the World 🎯Restructure the US education system 😱My biggest Clubhouse fear is being unmuted while in the bathroom Email: silver[email protected] Business Email: [email protected] 📨DM Me!