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💙Representing North Carolina 💙NCA&TSU Alum (Aggie Pride) 💙Doctor of Education in SpEd. (Defended Thesis 3-18-22…date I officially became Dr. Barnhill)👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 🖤Occupational Therapist-Schools 💙Author of 3 books 🖤Poet (VividThePoet-The Storyteller) 💙Motivational Speaker 💙🕊💙proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 🖤💙Single Mom of 3 (38 years old) 📘My Poetry Book on Amazon: 👉🏾Unveiling the Shadow Beyond The Counterfeit Image Second Edition: 👉🏾 📘Book of Short-stories: 👉🏾Unveiling The Shadow Beyond the Counterfeit Image Second Edition Part 2: 👉🏾 📘Relationship Book: 👉🏾21 Lessons My Mother Never Taught Me: I am an Alpha Woman 👉🏾 ✳️New Club👉🏾Versatility Perspective: Relationships, Poetry, Dating, Books…you name it…we are versatile yet positive! ❇️ January 8, 2021: ***Me and My Co-Host Carmen discussed our Books 21 Lessons My Mother Never Taught Me: I am an Alpha Woman and No Labels….. Alpha WOMEN: Are we Dateable? Having NO LABELS seems to make us more accessible. Come dive into our books on Alpha Women and “No Labels” where we discuss sex, situationships, dating, alpha females plus more! ❇️ Every Sunday at 8am for 30 min: Daily Affirmations for the Black Woman: Come let me POUR into you some daily affirmations to encourage, inspire, love, and appreciate you as the woman you are to start your day…You Are LOVED, You Are ADORED, You Are ENOUGH…come listen and let me inspire you-30 min. (Postponed till further notice) Mod❇️ in: Versatility Perspective Co-Mod❇️ in: Pen to the Streets: Social Justice, I am Voice of the Voiceless, House of Beautiful IG: Author Page author_silnettra IG Main Page silnettra