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Sila Blume




Went down a rabbit hole, and found a gold miners choir — an animal on becoming noble I do not support destruction • acoustically writing • seeing a wise infant • breathing curiosity IMPRESSED by conversations, opera, progressive rock, Cuban son, the palate, literature, cinema, the mind EXPRESSED through writing, recipes, visuals, acoustic TROUBLED by human condition REJOICED by human condition Initiator of: ✳️ “das Klanghaus” — non-spoken conversations (perhaps sounds and music lead to much less conflict) ✳️ “OPERA, BLOOD, and TEARS” — composers, and singers in the Opera ✳️ “The Aristipposian Poet” — Music, Conversation, and other Foods a Salon would offer ✳️ “La Vida en Blanco y Negro” — conversación y celebración en torno a la comida, la música y la literatura — solo en castellano ✳️ “Cigars & Minds” — Fine Tobacco is more than smoke ✳️ “interrupted/ innerupted” — who stops who? Co-moderating: ✳️ “Musicality” In my next life I will be Dr. John W. Thackery and/or Dr. Gregory House Projects in Progress: “You see what I heard” (works on paper) “The Last Supper MMXXI” (play) “Colors Never Seen” (prose) “The Young One Who Refused To Swallow” (novel) • pianist and sound-performance artist; word and sound compositions; playing in the fields of perception, (including taste, culinaria, fine tobacco), and in fields of the human condition, of love, of life • speak with me in German, Spanish, and English — or teach me something about Japan, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Austria, Herbs & Spices, Philosophy, Etymology, and vintage botanical drawings • collector of specific vintage, memories, and flavor profiles ~ Blood 🇨🇺 🇵🇷 🇨🇳 Born 🇺🇸 ~ $silablume