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The moon has been a story the last few days have you witnessed it?💛 Sleeping to the sounds of chaos Trying not to be scared of empathy and trusting I will learn how to heal if the bad faith protections I’ve put in place are challenged over time. As a former lbc listener this tracks. I think I’d rather know. Even from my own people. What in the crossover is going on here then. Currently opening quiet(-ish) rooms to do morning pages, co-task, co-read and co-work out when even the patron St of Knees can’t motivate me. Currently reading Why Women Grow Is there a Wakanda flag? Use the app for white noise to support sleep at times. Entertain my curiosities - heard and borrowed Currently craving pomelo Art nerd. Octavia Butler lover. Spicy every 4 months. Still rooting for everybody black with a touch of resolution 1003. Also not involved in shenanigans. Grateful to this app today. I was able to complete my tasks and experience some good company and learn. live podcast listener (better at speaking in small rooms) Looking for a Scottish person to sing Tinashe nasty girl to me to support my self care Black and pursuing the things I’m passionate about and the many personal challenges, humblings and gifts that come with that. Making work that can be quite solitary and thus isolating at times. Die hard clubhouser whether it trends again or not. 🧛🏿‍♀️Late blooming, aspiring non confrontational, anti-football hooligan. Criticising the concept, respecting the players. Anguish of England fans =vital life force 🔋…loading