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Sian (see'an)




_______________________ Lightworkers Unite 🔥🙏💜 Let's use our wisdom and power to change the world for the better! We can do it together 💎🌀 💥💫 __________________________ 🔥Advocate for animal rights 🔥Stop the violence! 🔥Stop the abuse! 🔥Stop the pollution of your environment! 🔥Stop the neglect! 🔥You don't have the right to misuse life! ------------------------------- God is many, and the many are one. We are all one, with god. Therefore what you are doing to your neighbor, your spouse, your dog, flowers in your garden,'re doing to yourself. Understand this, and you will understand, how to live. ---------------------------- Exploring life and ways to unfold it, ways to unfold my many gifts and lifetimes of knowledge, living many lives in one. Popping in and out of rooms on this social platform, feeling my way through if anything resonates. Hoping for spiritual inspiration and some open-hearted, honest conversations and connections. ".....don't teach me to be your disciple, teach me to be a teacher, equal to yourself...." I am spirit in earthbody, connector between heaven and earth. I am a truthseeker, purifier, soul warrior, flame carrier, lightworker from birth and bluebeing/Lyran starseed, still exploring possible other links to the big cosmos and life in all. Focusing on rising my energy and consciousness level, training myself for the energy work, I believe I came here to do. Raising my daughter on my own and creating a safe base for our family, gives me daily challenges and keeps me grounded. 🌼 Buddhist of heart ❤ 🌼 Authorised/Licensed Clinical Dietitian 🌼 PBA in Nutrition & Health 🌼 Health Business Owner 🌼 Entrepreneur 🌼 Project Initiator 🌼 Inspirational Lighthouse 🌼 Nutritionist 🌼 Herbalist 🌼 Health & Life Coach 🌼 Reiki Healer 🌼 Chakra Healer 🌼 Yoga & Meditation Practitioner through 25y 🌼 Mystic in Esoteric Subjects 🌼 Student in Ancient History 🌼 UFO/ET Investigator 🌼 CE5 Experiencer 🌼 Musician/Vocalist ❤ love nature and mother Gaia ❤ all animal life on this beautiful planet ❤ especially cats and lion beings ❤ everything Egypt ❤ ancient history (Mesopotamia, India, Mayan) ❤ long philosophical/existential talks ❤ travelling the world ❤ my daughter ❤ my family