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Shweta Valimbe




Do you want to become a Master Money Manifestor? Do you want to make Money Stay?💸 Do you want to make Money, Practically and Spiritually?💸 Do you want to let go of all Money Blockages? 💸 My E-Book will help you achieve all of that! It’s 50% off! DM to buy!💸 - Tarotpreneur | Learner | Healer | Seeker | Renaissance Art Lover 👥 Guided 1250+ Clients 📍🇮🇳 Speak : English / Hindi (She/Her) My Vision: 🏦To make people around me Self-Reliant Visionaries 💸To make them achieve Time and Financial freedom. 🗣📈To push people to Expand their Potentials _________________________________ My Belief System: 📝Learning ❤️Passion 🏆Action 💪Faith ⚖️Integrity ___________________________________ 💰Tip Me! - Or Shweta8599-1@okaxis _____________________ 🎯What I do? 📌 I offer Honest and Soul Fulfilling readings, that will help you Change, Challenge, Charge your Inner Being 📌I offer Spiritual Guidance and Remedies to fix your “NOW” to help achieve your desired “LATER” 📌I help you retrieve spiritual meaning from your unconscious mind and bring it to the surface of your conscious through the Power of Tarot. ____________________________ “Card by card you kept on unfolding the exact emotions and phases that I have been through. I have literally taken notes alongside, points to ponder, and will definitely take action on them just the way you advised.” “Right off the bat, it was so comfortable. I've never been able to open up to people but it was so easy to just talk to Shweta about things I don't even usually like addressing. The way she talked about my hurdles was also so positive that it helped me not get anxious about them. If anything, this session filled me with immense hope for the next year, something I didn't think I'd ever feel again. I'm definitely coming back to her again and would 10/10 recommend. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” ________________________________ 📲Book a session with me on Instagram - @readingswithshweta ________________________________ “He who looks out ; dreams. He who looks within ; awakens”