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Software engineer, photographer, pet owner traveller , HINDU and a seeker for life. I give no consent or permission to any person, robot, algorithm to record 2 knw me better, know me more !! Views are my own When you talk or invite me you are subscribing to have my views, If you don't agree or feel bad. It's pure infactuation Hindu by birth. A human by following dharma. For now 📷 photographer by passion, blogger by hobby, And also a writer , animal lover. Everyday I live to relive Everyday I learn to make memories Everyday I became a better human Everyday I care more Everyday I learn to be a HiNDU You too can try it. Being a hindu Is free from rule books Is free from slavery Is free from being a animal Is free from being a moron Is free from following cult. It is also learning to be liberated in the true sense. Try it it's free from toxins and its a healthy, vegan choice. Jews, Zorasrrians Buddhist Jains, SIKHS Tried it out, you too can. You don't need kill or die. JAI ShRI RAM