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I help those who ask and care to listen Dcntlzd Music A&R MonetizeUrFanbase TokenizeUrCommunity Master Community Builder NFT Mktg & Sales Strategist Web3 Marketing Consultant Indie Digital Marketer Affiliate Marketer S.a.a.S Reseller Shortr Business Solutions Corporate Softwares, Systems, & Tools 4 the Sm.Biz, Indie Artist, or Entrepreneurs. Shortr Collabs Shortr bridges major collabs Founder of D.M.G Dcntlzd Music Group Switch Ur style up Watch Ur 💰 pile up Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Web3, & Open Source = P2P direct Bag 💰💰 2 the Artist. Dcntlzd Finance Defi Dcntlzd Social Media DeSo Have been apart of some amazing and major Nft projects with the club. I'd like to connect with minded, similar spirited, and action oriented people. To build long term enriched connections and wealthy relationships.