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塩沢貴良 🏝【経営730運営メンバー】 ・サブモデレーター ・木曜道場担当 🍀経営を通じて幸せを配るお手伝い 🌈プロフィール 北区赤羽で事業再生コンサルタント 群馬県中之条町出身 平成おじさん小渕恵三の地元 現在はせんべろの町赤羽在住 城西大学経済学部卒業 タイの一人旅でエメラルド詐欺にあう (株)事業パートナー東京 代表取締役役 塩沢貴良 ミッション 衆知を結集し、科学的な手法を持って事業者者に希望を与え、革新を促す サービス 実行支援 経営改善計画書作成支援 財務&事業デューデリ 企業研修研修 【マネージメントゲーム】 2日間で企業会計の基礎とアグレッシブな会社経営を学び、経営計画が立てられるようになります 【TOC制約理論】 投資、費用を使うことなく、生産性を上げる要諦を学びます I'm studying English. Clubhouse Takayoshi Shiozawa Ver. 2.0 (Please follow me again, if you don't mind) 🏝🏝 [Management 730 Management Member ]. Editor In charge of Thursday Dojo 🍀Helping to distribute happiness through management 🌈Profile Management consultant in Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo Born in Nakanojo Town, Gunma Prefecture Local of Heisei Uncle Keizo Obuchi Currently resides in Senbero Town Akabane Graduated from Josai University, Faculty of Economics Suffered an emerald scam on a solo trip to Thailand Formerly in charge of opening Manga cafes and precious metal purchase stores, and market research Encounters management game and changes his life 🔥Services In-house training Management Game In 2 days, you will learn the basics of corporate accounting and aggressive company management and be able to make a management plan TOC Theory of Constraints Learn the essentials of increasing productivity without investment or expense. Support for Management Plan Formulation Easy-to-understand explanations even for those who have never made one before. Management is a backward calculation, based on the teachings of Mr. Sadamu Ichikura and Mr. Junichiro Nishi of MG. Accompanying support Support for problems such as "lack of talented employees" and "can't come up with new ideas