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Ashley Sitterding




Science 🧬 Psychology 🧠 Spirituality ✨ Integrative coach who is deeply passionate about helping others get to the root of their misalignment. I help others integrate and embody their shadow aspects through investigating their wounds, triggers, and destructive patterns. When we bring awareness to our wounded parts and inner critic, we can learn to reparent, self soothe, and become the conscious creator of our life. When we accept ALL OF WHO WE ARE, we reconnect to our true essence, step into our personal power, & live a purposeful, authentic life! ⚡️We are all uniquely, bio individual. We are meant to operate in the world according to our own divine, blueprint.⚡️ When we follow that divine blueprint, we create greater harmony, love, and abundance in our life and those around us, thus raising the collective consciousness. I believe in a WHOLISTIC approach: ✨Emotional awareness, management, & resiliency (shadow work and inner child healing) ✨Mindset (become the observer and cultivate a growth mindset) ✨Physical health & wellness (somatics, nervous system regulation, gut health, root cause medicine) ✨Spiritual attunement & connection (believing in a greater power: universe, infinite intelligence, source, Jesus, Buddha, zero point field… w/e brings us to a higher love and inspires us to be the greatest version of ourself) -NLP/hypnosis practitioner -EFT practitioner -Life & Success Coach -Somatics, breathwork, & dance enthusiast -Reiki level 3 -RN, BSN Fun Facts: -6/2 Emotional Projector -Aquarius☀️&🌖 Leo ⬆️ -ENFP/ ENTJ -God first ✝️ Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 💗 Love is all there is. Everything else is an illusion. 📍Dallas, Texas