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I am always listening for the genuine. 👛Founder and Wealth Strategist @ First Purse, Inc. 👊🏽 Social Innovator @ 📚Self-Publishing Coach and Bestselling Author of JUMP: A Woman’s Guide To Getting Her Bank Back 🎓 (Future Dr.) PhD in Leadership and Change, Master of Divinity, Theologian, Ordained Clergy, BS in Business/Management Information Systems On ♣️🏠 I am 🍏The House of Creativity ™️ Voice of Vitamin C at the 🍋 Lemonade Stand™️, M-F at 6am EST How may I be of service to you today? 🖊 Your pen is your residual income. Relationships are your currency. Your voice is your legacy. 🎯I would be honored to partner with you to Write Your Wealth. Schedule a consultation call at About me: ❤️ Basketball- Mom, Runner, Musician’s-wife, Gardner, I love all things Bruce Lee “Be Like Water My Friend” 🐘 DST1913, HBCU Grad. For God, For Central, For State 🎁 Teacher, Speaker, Contemplative, Scribe 🖊Journal Lover, Pen Enthusiast, Psalmist, Creative, Poet, Administrator, Philanthropist, Servant Leader, Preacher, Intercessor How can we partner to make a difference in this big ol’ world? One way to say thank you, a ☕️ cuppa tea is always appreciated CASH APP: $RLBRADFORD